Each player must be sitting in a chair at the corner of the table. Each has a cup on the table with 8 ounces of beer. Countries alternate throwing the die underhand across the table at their opponent's cups. The die must cross the halfway point of the table and go above 6 feet high for the die to be in play. The defending country defends by catching the die after it bounces off of the table using one hand only. It can be caught after a bounce off the hand as long as it is with the same hand. If it hits any other part of his body, it is not successfully defended. The defenders must remain seated until the die hits the table, then they may leave their seat. At no point may a defender’s hand cross the plane of the table; they must wait for the die to come off the table to grab it. If the die never leaves the perimeter of the table, it is considered successfully defended. A die that contacts a defender then returns to the table, is not considered successfully defended.

The throwing team scores by doing one of two things:

  1. Bounce the die off the table or cup without the defending team successfully catching it. Result: Throwing team gets one point and defending team must drink.
  2. Make it into the opposing team’s cup, either straight in or off the bounce. Result: Throwing team gets one point and die back and defending team must finish the made cup.

The game is played to 7 points.