Obstacle Course

Teams will all receive the sheet shown below, detailing a list of tasks to be completed at various stations. Multiple teams will be running the course at the same time. Teams have 10 minutes to collect as many points as possible.

There are four skill stations (flip/bounce/shoot/quarters), worth up to 35 points each. There is one drinking station worth up to 20 points. There are puzzles worth up to 15 points and there are bonuses worth up to 25 points. A total of 200 points are possible; however, very unlikely to achieve during the time limit. An element of strategy is required to optimize point accumulation.

Upon arriving at a station, teams must declare to their designated official which task they are attempting.

At each station, the team will be given the minimum materials to complete the task:

  • Flip - one cup
  • Bounce - one ball and one stack of 12 cups
  • Shoot - one ball (rack will be set up already)
  • Quarters - one quarter and one shot glass
  • Teammates must alternate attempts until the task is complete or one teammate has fulfilled his requirement in an “each” type task.

    Teams may abandon attempting a task at any time.

    Teams may not complete consecutive tasks at the same station.

    Puzzle sheets will be made available after 3 minutes have elapsed and can be completed any time after this, including while attempting other tasks

    All teams will participate in a preliminary round. The best teams will advance to future round(s) of play. The structure of the rounds will be dependent on the number of teams and will be announced prior to the preliminary round.

    Obstacle Course 2020 Score Sheet Download