Beer Pong

Each country will be on opposite ends of the table with 10 cups in a triangle formation in front of them filled with 16 ounces per side. To determine who goes first, an eye-to-eye shot between members is taken and whoever makes it first, goes first. Countries attempt to clear the cups by shooting Ping-Pong balls into them. On the shot, the elbows must not go past the edge of the table. When a cup is made on the first shot, the ball is pulled but not the cup. After the second shot, if a cup was made during the turn, it is removed from the table and consumed. If both shots are made, the shooting team gets another turn. If the second shot is made in the same cup as the first one, 3 cups are removed from play and the shooting team gets another turn. Each country is allowed two re-racks per game that may only be taken before their turn begins. Once one country makes all of their cups, the other country has a chance to redeem. In “redemption” there are unlimited re-racks. The first player starts and shoots until he misses, then the second player shoots until he misses or has made all of the cups. If all cups were made a three-cup overtime will be played with the same rules. If in regular 6 game or overtime, one cup is remaining and the first shot is made, the second member gets to shoot at the one cup as well. If they make it, there is no redemption allowed. If one member of a country makes three shots in a row, they are “on-fire” and shoot until they miss. The number of shots made does carry over from regular play to overtime (unless you are the redeeming team).

Additional Rules:

  • If a player purposefully bounces a ball into a cup, it counts as two cups. If it is an accidental bounce, it still counts, but it is only one cup.
  • If a player is holding a cup with beer from the table and the opposing team makes ball into that cup while the person is holding it, the game is over and the shooters have won, otherwise known as “death cup”.
  • If a country elects not to re-rack the entire game and make all 10 cups first, no redemption is allowed.
  • If there is a cup not “touching” any other cup in the formation an “Island” shot may be called, if the player that calls it makes it two cups are removed, however, if he makes a different cup it does not count. One “Island” call per person per game. If 3 or less cups are on the table an “Island” call is not allowed.
  • If the ball rolls back to you after your shot without touching the floor or landing in a “dead” cup, you get a free behind the back shot. This is a free shot and is taken after your turn is complete.